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mage question about rings , earring , pendant , belt

This is a discussion on mage question about rings , earring , pendant , belt within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; mage question about rings , earring , pendant , belt what nice items for mage ice. i get right now ...
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    Default mage question about rings , earring , pendant , belt

    mage question about rings , earring , pendant , belt

    what nice items for mage ice.
    i get right now on me shio tears +2 and old shio tears
    mage earring +2 and mage earring +0
    old bronze belt
    crimson dd+7 , spear +7 , club +7
    crimson boots +8
    set crimson +7

    please help me
    i wanna know also what a earring for pk.

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    One shio +2 and a mage earring+2 while having old uniques is a bit weird. It would be better to swap the shio+2 and get dual shios+1, buy old ep, old skelly belt, old sse. I don't know what the mage earring+2 is worth so i don't know if you should keep or sell it. Also you could try to change the crimson boots for pants+8, because you don't have a pants weapdef part so you'll be keeping them on all the time and gain more benefit.

    edit: sse = secret silver earring
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    ty very much .
    more one question
    what the full name of item : " SSE"

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    SSE - Secret Silver Earring

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    Yep, get:

    EP for necklace.
    Ring - try to improve your old shio to +1 or +2.
    Skeleton Belt
    Throw those Mage Earrings away, no idea why you even have them, The HP on them is so low. If you want resistances + HP then i suggest you get WE / CE whatever you can afford, but WE is better (WE = warrior earring, CE = cleric earring), if you want HP get SSE.

    That's all for now.

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    Yeah try and get dual shio +2 if possible, or downgrade to dual +1.

    SELL THE MAGE EARRINGS they suck balls.

    Me i use one SSE and one LKP(lich kings pride) which helps me for resistance especially when magevs mage

    elemental pendant is the way to go, and skele belt (until u can afford iron set)

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    yourbestis myworst


    just browsed over the post and i saw mage earings wow man they suck badly
    get some sse's i personally like the cleric earings not too expensive also


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