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my ardream BP needs help

This is a discussion on my ardream BP needs help within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; so far my gear is: +8 fp 3x str 2x hp +7 HB IN +0 IB +0 2x OLD ROCS ...
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    Default my ardream BP needs help

    so far my gear is:
    +8 fp 3x str 2x hp
    +7 HB
    IN +0
    IB +0
    2x OLD ROCS
    2x OLD WE's

    stats: 76 int to use paper
    rest str

    1. should i make any changes to my gear? other then upgrading cuz as of now this is all i can talking about like selling IB+0 and getting Glass Belt or something else?

    2. for my stats is going full str the way to go? or 210 str and rest hp?

    3. and for skills, i went malice, arura/heal

    how do u guys think id do in ardream?

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    you ll do good on dcz if you got skills too. altho u can change the ib for glass and save for a hb+8

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    well I haven't pking in dcz for some months but:

    1) the items are fine

    2) unbuffed you will get rocked (well depends, do you have all those wings+bahamut? it can make up for other items), but against decent people with a duffer you will most likely die first.

    3) from what I saw in C-west when i used to play DCZ if ur a buffer you are going to have to much to do and you won't have much time being a BP so the whole thing would be a waste, you will have to cure your teammates + rebuff em + if needed rebuff yourself, whilst if you were a duffer you could run on scrolls and it would be a lot better.

    in DCZ i would go full STR, if you need HP just change your fabrics to hp. (firstly you should have both sets).

    IMO either go torment/960 or para/1920.

    About the IB and GB, Iron belt is better. but if you think you are missing too much mana being a BP then you can go for the GB for the extra mana.

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    Work for a DD cap then a better weapon after you restat to Tment/960 or Para/2k

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    Will he do decent damage? I really thought unitil you were min.. +2 items and paper +9, Dont even come into that zone as a bp..


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