Here's what i got now:

level69, 180str,78int, 154 HP.

grade 1 set +8/15str, pauldron +9/19str
Hell Breaker +7
ac valk helmet,Dual ROC's, glass belt, white dragon amulet+2, quest earrings h34r:

This gives me 1951 buffed ap, 732 buffed ac, 2927 unbuffed hp.

There exist grade7 shells (same stats as normal shells), which give set bonus (500health,15hp,350mana,25all resists, 10ac)

There's also black chitin
Black chitin helmet: 134ac
Black chitin pauldron: 190ac
Black chitin pads: 166ac
Black chitin gloves&boots: 101ac each

HOWEVER there is a big downside to black chitin. it's the durability (only 4200)
and there is no bonus whatsoever. Those require 140int to wear.

My best idea so far is to go with +8/15 str plate boots,gloves and helmet and use black chitin pauldron and pads.

Which uniques should i aim for ? (other than lilime's enticements - those cost like 3 times more than WE's here)
Also which patos gloves and valks should i aim for ?