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need some advice

This is a discussion on need some advice within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; ok so im thinking of switching from warrior to archer. im in kind of a rut with pk. frankly im ...
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    Default need some advice

    ok so im thinking of switching from warrior to archer. im in kind of a rut with pk. frankly im bored out of my mind. i have some decent gear on ares to sell if i decide to go archer. thinking about rlb for a bit them lvl up to cz. any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    warrior items i have to sell

    shell set+8/5rev
    sweet kiss wirinom +7
    string of skulls+2
    dual hero valor+2
    white dragon necklace +3

    ty in advance

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    so..idk prices on your server at all xD.

    but aim for gear such as this. depending on your budget you might have to get some items with lower + or maybe higher im not rlly sure xD.

    fp +5/20 dd helm
    chit+8/9 or shell+8/9 - pauld pads
    fp+9/chit9 - gaunts/boots/helm

    dual RE+3
    dual Rols+2
    Iron Set (if not in budget you can get skelly+0 and wp+1 for tank mode)

    EE+5rev or better

    if you dont have enough money for all this, you can cuty back by using +8 armor. and switching pp3 to bdn3. also get wp1/skelly0 if iron set not in budget.

    if you got more than enough to afford those items i said and have money left over to improve with try to get highest + EE you can, and once you got that you can work on things such as 1x eme+3 and dual rol3.

    when you go to cz, i would suggest krowaz+7/8 for sure the bonuses are too good to not have. also you can consider things such as +8/9 windforce for bow, youll lose some ac from the bow but the krowaz will give you a nice boost, and you always have your iron set to switch back too if your getting hit to hard.

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    I wouldn't be an archer but that decision is entirely up to you... ASSASSIN FTW


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