So on my spare comp if ever a dark stone party needs a mage I've been quitting merch and logging her just to use for tps.She has always had prem and has leeched at dark stones to current lvl of 79 and 14%!

krowaz +6 set old flames
+2 crystal neck ( I have ep+2 and IN on my priest i can also use )
glass belt/crystal belt+2
old sse x 2.

she has nearly all eslant quests open which will push her close to lvl 80.I've unlocked the skills as I've lvled.

I tried doing some monsterstones and she is useless(probably me who is useless!).even with the buff from enchanter instead of absolute power. Fire/ice, usual build 45 ice 79 flame rest in master.I want to stay flame and have around 90gb to spend. 245 MP rest in HP.I dont mind restating if i need to.

given the above and with 90gb to spend what should I do gear wise? Best staff I can buy and flame ring +1's or maybe hellblood +8/Scorching+8 and flame rings+2? this CW btw where flame rings around 4gb +0 atm, scorching+8 22gb, and not sure on HB+8 price or cursed staff prices at +7.