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New to BP, paper vs fp ? Ardream

This is a discussion on New to BP, paper vs fp ? Ardream within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; No worries. Gonna take the advice and go rlb with paper and level a warrior for ardream. Thanks all....
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    No worries. Gonna take the advice and go rlb with paper and level a warrior for ardream. Thanks all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yarwa View Post
    Nah, check my reg date. If I wanted to get 50 posts, I would do so a long time ago.
    But you just did O_o

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    from Autumn (Fall) 2011 BP isnt only Battle Priest but you can call it 1h Bandit Priest, let me explain
    if you are using 1h PRIEST mace (need INT for using) your damage is counted from INT stat but no more from STR stat
    for example, with Smite Hammer and 255str your dmg will be funny, but with Smite Hammer and 190int you will see your 1h dmg
    of course it isnt the best damager because of 1h gun, but with great surviveability
    only weakness of this 1h Bandit Priest is, game items arent prepared for it (missing INT bonus in priest items)
    for example, the best 1h Priest Mace - Leonard - is still giving pointless STR bonus
    also the best Bandit rings are Ring of Felankor (hard to get) then Platinum Rings (+3 = 25int, 35ac, 125mana), but there isnt exist kind of RoL or RoC for Bandit Priest
    but you are greatly benefiting from Glass Belt and you have good choice of earrings (White-Silver, Cleric, Golden)
    so if you wanna try, get 80+lvl priest, +7/12hp Krowaz set, Leonard or Smite Hammer, Gabs Adamant, int accesories and check your dmg

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