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The "new" INT BP

This is a discussion on The "new" INT BP within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; I'm very confused about the "new" priest bs, so i got a few questions. (Yeah i used search, but i ...
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    Default The "new" INT BP

    I'm very confused about the "new" priest bs, so i got a few questions.
    (Yeah i used search, but i found very very confusing answers)

    1- Is this only for mastered chars?
    2- Int points in stats increases ap?
    3- If i wear armors and jewelry with int bonus, and high STR in stats my ap will increase?
    4- Anyone have a few builds for this "new" type of bp with some screenshots if possible?

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    1 - no afaik it works on mastered&unmastered priests
    2- yeah
    3- no u must wear Int armor with Int stats (Afaik)
    4- i tried 1 but it wasnt good so no :P
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    i played a 59 int bp
    smite 7 dread8 dd7 and rest was fp8 with int on it. 187 int 101str rest into hp i think it was like 76?
    it wasnt bad. just didnt have judge ment.. also alot of rogue dnt like focking with me because im a damn tank from hell even para/tormented.
    anyways ya int bp is pretty decent i wasnt scary in dcz but i did get a few ks's make a few rogue run from me because they werent getting anywhere killing me..
    i wear golden ear+2/+1 Iron belt ammy of int +1 and rol+1/plat ring +1
    think of just getting a PP+1/+2 sense it adds quite abit of int and is more common than the ammy of int..

    but i spammed from 200-500 on the rogues (not db'ed i think if they were it was only maliced.. i could get a fair vs but i will find 1 later..)
    maybe i get a SS for ya later? my AP hit about 1k fully booked..
    ya HP is a bit low but you a Priest with a dread8/dd7 and tank pusy rogues left an right HP isnt and issue.. i think IMrDestiny can only spike me for MAYBE 300-500 at the most when maliced or tormented?

    BTW i play C-West.

    i retired the int bp becuase clan needed a more supporting priest not just a malicing buffer/melee.. lol
    may comsider bring it back..
    Still got the gear if you play C-west can let you try it..
    i think i lost the boots somewhere? i CR'ed the priest and put to new account seperating it from my rogue so no more rol1/PP1
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