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Only Pro Magecian's

This is a discussion on Only Pro Magecian's within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; paper helm dd is a must or u wont go far against shards+9 or things like that. i would suggest ...
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    paper helm dd is a must or u wont go far against shards+9 or things like that.
    i would suggest rofs in spite of fr and deffo lycaon staff+8 at least... but +9 seems a must in order to cover the diff in dmg between rof and fr without talking the about hp and fr.

    Valky with ac bonus and def. gloves. seems a common choice.
    EP at least +2.

    If u can't buy a cs, pretty interesting would be trying a 90 str setup for wearing a ds any+
    If u do that go use ep and valky with hp bonus in order to cover your loss in hp stats.
    And a lycaon staff (even if +7)here is more welcome than a wood+10 since it adds an extra hp bonus.

    Now the main probs will come from those using smthing like hb+8 or higher
    cs or ds should deffo help u in stayin alive a bit more against those.
    Keep in mind that an iron set + 20club def coat do almost nothing against a weap with such elemental dmg
    So if u see a shining warrior with an hb coming to u..i would tp a priest or even better a rogue near me ...if he's not retarded...he should have learnt how to minor u on fly and attacking the warrior (using red skills mainly -saving the spike-trust for the right moment) while u slide him or while u do anythingelse
    Tping an archer would be a pretty good trick too since he can still minor u and plus he can styx the warrior, giving u the time to beat his potting.

    other than that good luck in getting that gear XD

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    i'd reccomend going other class than fire paper. Staff attack blows and you have no DD25 in carnac west which also sucks. also you don't hace the other rare armor defense pieces. so too many disadvantages

    Go crimson +8+9, ice or lightning (the one you like the most) with either bifrost staff or the oasis/scorching. DO GET the crimson weapon defense armor. they are vital. bifrost rings+2 (at least) and ironneck/glassbelt

    if you can get SSE+3 (overpriced) do get em. CEs are rubbish when you're crimson with such other items

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    Fr+3s / ce's+2/crystal set9/ep 3/glass belt /lycaon or woe and teleport to ardream

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    I suggest
    for ardream mage first of all this items
    *Chitin DD +7/+8.
    *Iron set +0 atleast.
    *Light mage with some chaotic staff +8.
    *Imir rings +3/2.
    *Dual SSE +3/2/0.
    *Paper set +9 / FP Set +9/8.
    *Paper MP & HP Build.
    ****** With this items u can ownz every1!******
    tried it with some items like this on ardream mage already ^^
    btw if u ask me don't play in ardream all of the people there are babashopers etc..
    70+ FTW

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    i'd say:

    elysium+8 ( very hard to find, if u cant than try to make one)
    crimson dd+7
    iron set

    warrior defence pathos and both ac and hp valks
    ur damage will be insane, as ur stun rate, as ur survivability
    and if u rly wna be unkillable, scan de market for the ibex pots ( but i find this to be very lame)

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