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Passion warrior guide !

This is a discussion on Passion warrior guide ! within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; Hi all i need a guide for warrior passion skilled .. Any links or opinions would be appreciated .. Thanks...
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    Default Passion warrior guide !

    Hi all i need a guide for warrior passion skilled .. Any links or opinions would be appreciated .. Thanks

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    Buff yourself with :
    Battle cry (83) +15 to all STATS except STR
    Gain (5) +15 STR
    Berserker (70) +20 ATTACKPOWER -300ac (stacks with wolf/20%scroll)
    HP booster (80) regen your HP as you were sitting for a perid of time(all party members benefit [dunno about aoe])

    some explaining:
    Berserker ECHO(75) Blade of Hell(60) Blade of hate(35) Blade of hate(25)
    are AOE skills, that you have to target with your mouse and left click on the ground,
    they are amazing skills, but what actually makes passion build good is the buffs it provides for you and your party but the most amazing part is the extra 20% AP you can have with the 70 skill,
    Passion warriors drink mana like a mofos, so its always good to have someone with you when pking...

    how to play:

    After using level 83 skill (Battle Cry) you can use the best attack skill of passion which is ( Cry Echo ) that is also lvl 83.
    AOE skills should only be used when there is more than 1 enemy infront of you, your priest will tell you to do this actually

    Frenzy (55) reduces damage taken in change of some mana ( only use this when you are trying to survive with a shield on you and crying like a baby to your priest, because your mana will be 0 as soon as possible)
    descent (50 def) teleports to a selected party member, so you can get far away from danger.

    additional info:
    Passion warriors and warriors in general can better be matched with any other class except mage (maybe they can, but the mage really needs to play good)
    warrior + rogue is amazing, both buffs each other, lightfeet+descent+minnor // scream/stun/legcut....
    warrior + Priest is solid, but your speed is limited.

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