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Priest Build help! CZ

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    Default Priest Build help! CZ

    Well I am playing a level 72 priest. Buff / heal / helis . Its a bp, but it gets downed way too quickly. I have full +8 papers now with a II+7.

    I will have some money coming in, like 7 gbs. What should i get? I play in carnac west.
    I was thinking of switching to chit helm,boots,gloves and fp pauldron and pads.

    Also had a question about how strong a shield+1h would be. I have a Personal Shield +5 so would that shield be good enough to run around with a 1h? I have only +10 accesories so i know those need work.

    Just looking for a build so I won't be downed so easily, but still be able to get kills.
    Right now my stats are
    Int 76
    Str 211 (+90ish) if i switch to fp/chit bp = 201 (+40 ish)
    Hp 140 (+50ish) if i switch to fp/chit bp = 60 (+65 ish)

    So would going shield+1h be a decent build? Should I do that as fp/chit bp? Should i stay as paper? What should be the first thing to get with 7gbs ?

    Thanks for the help!
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    Chitin +7hp buy DD helmet and save whatever is left. Go int and get some lvls.

    If you are serious about BP at 72 well, go full str and try and be in a party always, get a ds+6 +7 if u can afford it so your survivabilty is higher. But you wont hit hard with ii+7 and you will be the favourite target of everyone that has seen u in cz after a week.

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    I see.

    If go chit+7 should I go minimum int and rest in hp or rest str?

    I was planning on, if I did this, to get a smite hammer+7 so I can do some attacking. So like minimum int,hp and rest in str for damage. Because right now I am buff/heal / helis , and since I am mainly buff, I figured i can do some attacking since I won't be healing much.

    Or is should I just go minimum int with minimum str and rest in hp? For more hp for surviveability?

    I don't know how much damage can be done with the smite, I dont want to be just another person that stands and just heals, I like to attack. So is investing points into Str so i can attack with a smite hammer worth it? Or is the damage with smite low either way and just go with the extra hp?

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    If you want to deal some damage then sure go for it, who are we to say dont do it ?

    But it wont be effective, if you go for chit+7 hp and then stat your extra points in str what will happen is that your HP will be really low. You wont be able to tank much and the points in str wont make you hit hard with a smite +7.

    The most efficient build you can go for pk and exp at this time is full support. If u still want to hit when you are not healing or buffin then get a judgement scroll and some stones of priest and spam judgement, yes judgement hits less than helis but honestly you wont be doing too much dmg with helis either.

    The second choice for me at your level would be paper bp, but like i said in the first post. As paper bp at lvl 72 and with an ii+7 you wont have a high ap at all and you wont hit hard. More important than that you will get hit very hard and die very fast.

    Id get expin as support which is a lot cheaper than as bp and on lvl 77 78 you can make a more decent bp.


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