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This is a discussion on Priest Help within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; Well, Im quite new to this game and have chose a priest to be my first ardream cahacter. Ive been ...
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    Well, Im quite new to this game and have chose a priest to be my first ardream cahacter.

    Ive been the int support priest and Im getting quite sick of it, is there sort of anything in between Int support and Bp that could still tank decent and do some dps.

    Please note the stats and armor/weapons that I would need for this. (not to many abbreviations, still a nooby) <<
    I dont have all that much noah to spend either about 7gb.

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    well, yes there is a sort "middle-type" between a paper BP and int support priest, but the problem is that it doesnt exist in ardream (59-) zone

    why? well because once priests hit lvl 72, they get an AWESOME attack skill that does a shitload of damage, and with that skill, many paper priests or INT priests restat their points so that they can wear FP or Chitins, and yet be able to weild a hellbreaker and do good damage. However, in ardream, a priest&#39;s best attack skill is still very shitty(lvl 51 one) and not even spammable, meaning you can only spam the lvl 21 skill.. which blows... Ive seen a lot of "FP-BP&#39;s" in ardream but their damage is REALLY shitty.... and also requires a lot of $$$. Ive only seen one screenshot of a decent/good fp-BP but he had really really godly gears :P

    So unless you have REALLY GOOD items, i&#39;d suggest you not even bother wasting your $$$ restating to an ardream BP. If you want to get kills, then go rogue, its probably the cheapest and yet easy to get kills class for ardream.....

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    Alrighties thannks for your reply =D

    Is there any &#39;cheap&#39; gear for a bp?, and any tips to pking with them?


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