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    On a lvl 74 mage should i go complete armor or go crystals ?

    most likely i will only be using complete +7 and crystals +8 / hell blood +7 and quest access. (FR's ASAP)

    can some1 tell me what would be a better all around build?

    also is the difference noticeable between the damage done by fire / ice if the gear is similar and if so how much would ice be off?

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    There is no "right" answer to that question. You can refer to any of a number of mage guides such as for options. I personnaly prefer the complete built for its high ac, but crystal +8 is nice too. On Diez you should be able to find some easilly, and maybe even some +9.

    All other things being equal, fire always do more damage than ice. How much is so variable its difficult to be precise. My guess that an ice mage lvl 74 with 160 INT, 120 MP and quest items would hit in the 200-250 range maximum. A paper mage with fire at level 74 and quest items would probably hit in the 400-600 range. The paper mage has probably 300 AC and 1000 hp less, however.

    I'm not sure if I'm helping...

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    For Diez with quest accesories you should go with the complete set.

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    Do u pk a lot? if you pk most of the time, then definately go for complete build to get more AC.

    But if you mostly just exp, stay cardboard so u can do more damage, get faster exp, lvl up faster :P

    +1 to unbeatable. If you're on diez with quest uniques, then u'll need all the AC u can get... or else u'll get raped in pking lawlz


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