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Question about stat distribution

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    Ok, so i'm currently leveling a BP on C-West. I'm level 50, my current gear is:

    1x warrior earring (quest)
    1x +5 str earing (shit)
    Lobo pendant (horrible bp item, i know.)
    +6 str belt
    2x Warrior Rings (quest)
    fabric coat +8/12 str
    fabric pants +7/12 str
    +5 priest helm, gloves, boots (shit i know..)
    II +7.

    i know my gear is shit.

    currently my buffed stats are
    1897 hp
    1548 mana
    1178 ap(with prayer book, 998 wolfed)
    323 AC

    188 str
    76 int
    73 hp

    im thinking about putting into str until about 200, then putting into int for ac/resist.

    any tips on where i should distribute and when i should re-skill for a good pk build?

    also i know i need better equips/uniques. need to get rid of my lobo and get maybe a lupus pendant? i'm sorta strapped for cash atm so i can't get anything too pricy.

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    Put full into str if u gonna exp. If u got leftover points when u have full str(in lvl 65), then put them into hp, NOT int.
    How do u gain ac from int points? U mean if u get g2/g3 armors?
    Anyway, don't put anything in int unless ur finish exping and gonna change to fp build or something.

    Ur weapon is fine.
    rings fine
    Change lobo pend for lupus pend.
    Change ur belt for kekury belt or quest belt.
    get both quest earrings(warrior earrings?)
    Get full fabric +8

    btw, when do u plan to start pk? Are u dcz or u going 60+?

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    yeah I don't plan on pking until about 57 and ya I plan on going 60+

    Also thats what I meant about ac and int. I was thinking of statting for fp bp but that means less ap/damage.

    And if it means anything I have a DOL +3 I could sell for better equips if needed.

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    well if ur gonna pk in ardream for at leaset a month or a few weeks, put all into str, and none into HP... u'll need all the AP u can in ardream to get kills... but if ur changing ur accesories to all str ones, then maybe put 15-25 points into HP....

    60+ keep all str for easier lvling...... until 72.. cuz u probably wont be pking besides bdw so str will be good

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    Yeah that's what i was thinkin, cuz i already have 73 into hp, so i'll put it all into str for a while. and yeah after 60+ i wont be pking that much i'll get raped in CZ haha.


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