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question concerning my dual weild set vs raptor

This is a discussion on question concerning my dual weild set vs raptor within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; ok so i have a 80 warrior krowaz 7, basic uniques. currently my weapons are bombastic nebiros +3rv and a ...
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    Default question concerning my dual weild set vs raptor

    ok so i have a 80 warrior krowaz 7, basic uniques.

    currently my weapons are bombastic nebiros +3rv and a Hanguk +6rv

    ap w/ sc and wolf/ str is something like 2712ap

    Here is what i am wondering, I am not gonna upgrade the nebiros anymore. its worth enuf as it is. However i was thinking about buying Hanguk +8s to upgrade. on the server i play on Hanguk +8s run about the same as rappy 8s, so my question is this

    If i am to upgrade either a hanguk +8 to say +7, +8, +9 rv

    will my hypothetical dualies (nebiros +3rv and Hanguk +8,+9rv) be better than if i just tried making a raptor to +8, +9, +10rv..

    let me know what you think and why u think it! thanks

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    check at k\o\k about the states, but i think go rappy8rev+

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    it's not gonna help you upgrading your off hand where it's already fine at +6rev, cuz you dont get much ap from off hand so if you want higher ap then get a raptor+7 /+8 /+9 rev, otherwise upgrade your nebiros which is the main weap.
    hint: a raptor +5rev gives 100 more ap than nebiros+7 and hanguk+8 but consider that AP is not everything!

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    Ok so if this was me, these would be the options I see...

    With the Raptor (if it's +7-9 reverse), would be an awesome weapon to use for AP wise and also great with Range. Forget about the item type.

    With the Nebiros at +3 rv, I agree with you, it's good enough and practically the same in comparison to if it was at +5rv, so not worth upping anymore (unless you have a back up and don't care about the coin it's worth). But the Hanguk IS worth upping if you have a back up as well because off hand gets its AP boost from STR bonus (or DEX if your a rogue). Although here you get the advantage of Bombastic which helps your party focus on 1 person, plus the defensive mini duff.

    I think that this case is a really hard comparison and all relies on whether you care about your financial status rather than your AP concern. If you don't mind buying and upping Hanguks and Raptors, then go with the Dualies (unless you wanna play DCZ) all because it'll probably end up being cheaper and because the curse duff. Although I LOVE the range on Rappy and I LOVE being able to use it in DCZ :P

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    i would defently take the raptor i used to have tota +9/hng +7 rev and it didnt give me that good ap almost no diffrnce from rappy 8 + double weapon def so if u ask me defently rappy

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    i find that dual is good for leveling, but i like raptors for pk for the combo and range.


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