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Raptor +8 worse than Hb +7?

This is a discussion on Raptor +8 worse than Hb +7? within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; HB+7>Raptor+8 with good unique or even with out. I did test and I hit about 100more with HB+7 then Raptor+8. ...
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    HB+7>Raptor+8 with good unique or even with out. I did test and I hit about 100more with HB+7 then Raptor+8. Besides HBs are SEXY! To much SPEAR DEF!

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    i explain, u lie or u dont know what u did.[/b]
    I think on full str warriors a Raptor+8 will hit harder. Otherwise a more hp Build char would want to use a HB+7. HB+7 is just sick Rappy and full STR build is kinda crappy.

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    i just cant understand why are so many topics like this...

    Raptor--- Pros. Great ap for bosses and mobs ( they dont have weapon deff) and hits really hard on ppl with noob items or duffed. Cons. Alot of spear def.

    Hb+7-- Pros. Hight ele damage that helps with hight ac ppl and not alot of club deff out there Cons. Low ap

    Giga+7--- Pros. Decent ele and greaat bonusses Cons. Very low ap u will hit mobs for very low damage

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    kid ur retarted. lets say ur playing a rogue u got dual daggers but dd def only takes away 10% damage done by daggers.
    for a warrior u can only weild one spear and the 2nd hand is axe/sword/club. so that means 10% damage of spear is gone and 10% damage of club/axe/sword is gone. unless u wear dual hanguk swords on ur warrior the dual weapons will be pretty much useless in pvp cuz u have 20% damage taken right away. so now u understand? o.O even though this topic is old but people still check

    and i did some tests myself
    II +8/80
    Hb +7/140
    out of all 3 i would go with hb7 or ii8 because they hit hard and constant, raptor doesnt raptor has high crit dmg but it hardly hits high. lets say
    i would do like 700, 800, 700, 1300, 700, 800, 1400 damage with a raptor
    i would do like 1100, 1000, 1050, 1105, 1150 with hb7
    and pretty much same with ii8 maybe lil more or less
    and to people who think club def is almost same as spear def ur soo wrong.
    IN+IB gives 20% def to all. and people who use this will only and only use spear or dd def items like spear boots/helm and dd helm
    they will be only few people carrying around club def body or w.e. it is and stuff like that but most people carry spear/axe/dd
    and also if u wanna hit hard in pvp Y not u go MS+8 its same ap as ii8 i think 180 right? and also hardly anyone has sword def.[/b]
    Hmm, let's play with random numbers:
    a) Let's say you do 2000 damage with a Raptor +8, averagely. Let's say your opponent equips an Iron Necklace +0. You will be doing 1800 damage constantly now. Means 10% damage reduction.
    Now, let's try with a Totamic Spear +8 and maybe a Hanguk Sword +8. You do roughly 1800 damage with them, 1200 comes from Totamic Spear, 600 comes from Hanguk Sword. Opponent's IN mitigates 120 damage from Totamic Spear, and 60 from Hanguk Sword. You do 1620 damage now. 10% damage reduction.

    So use your brain before calling someone retarded.

    b) Unless! If KO doesn't work properly, as I wrote above how it should, then maybe it mitigates the damage% per weapon. I mean:
    1800 with Dual Wield (not separating the sources), gets 10% reduction for using a sword, and another 10% for using a spear. That means 1800*0,81 = 1458 damage.
    This isn't how the game mechanics should work then.

    I'm not exactly sure which works at the moment in the game. Needs testing.

    P.S. Get Hell Breaker +8, that reigns supreme.

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    I test that and i hit same at mobs ( i got rap +8 and hb +7 ) and i hit more with rap at pk.But u can keep em both couse when some1 use dspear i use hb or when dclub i use rap..And at vs's hb atack almost same but faster so u can prolly use it..At dks u gonna hit more with hb couse of flame damage..But i think raptor at pk hit a lil bit harder..

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    hb+7>raptor +8

    personal experience...

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    I have to say from 6 Years of KO experience

    Raptor defence armors are around and they have 20% Spear defence. I have 20 SD Gaunts, 20SD Helm, 15SD Boots, IN+0=10%, IB+0=10%.

    So here we go, From a Warrior hitting you for 1000 with out me wearing any Spear Defence. With Spear Defence damage goes as followed

    Iron Belt 10 Reduced damage 1000X0.10= 100 damage reduced 1000-100=900
    Iron Belt 10+Iron Necklace 10 Reduced damage= 900X0.10=90 damage reduced 900-90= 810
    IB+IN+20SD Boots= 810X0.15=121.5 Reduced damage= 810-121.5= 688.5
    IB+IN+20SD Boots+20SD Gaunts= 688.5X0.20=137.7 Reduced Damage=688.5-137.7=550.8
    IB+IN+20SD Boots+20SD Gaunts+20SD Helm= 550.8X0.20=110.16 Damage Reduced=550.8-110.16= 440.64

    from 1000 Damage you can reduce damage to 440.64 with the items i mentioned
    But keep in mind that you will loose all that STR and AC from your character so the damage is higher then 440.67 due to the lose of Defence due to using Full Plate SD Gaunts,Full plate Helm, and Chitin+7 SD Boots.

    STR lost:
    Boots+8/15STR, Helm+8/15STR,Gaunts+8/15STR total of lost STR is 45.

    As for the me i use Warrior Shell +8
    the Defence on Helm is 116Defece, Shell Boolts+8=78Defence,Shell gaunts+8=78

    Defence armors
    FP Helm+5=69Defence, FP Gaunts+5=46Defence,Chitin+7 Boots=67Defence

    In total you will loose 90 AC

    Does this sound about right or am i wrong?

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    Buy avedon+8, it is the best weapon for warriors

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