so im thinking about statting my priest to bp...

never played before and i play on ares...ive played a light mage before and then went support priest.


was wondering what type of stats i should be looking to get to make a good bp...or decent...
not looking to go all out, as far as gear goes..

heres what i already have:

glass belt+1
Lillime+3, +1


i am thinking about getting a EP3 or a IN2...not sure yet...

as far as go +9 str fabric, dd25..

for weapon...hb8, ms9 or ii9
and a ds7 to play support


i have a mage and lvl 80+ priest that i use the items for, so im not going to swap much of my uniques for other types that offer more str...

what kind of ap should i be aiming for?
base hp?
base ac?