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RLB Priest

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    Hey guys i was wondering what build and gear i would use for Lvl 69 RLB.

    - Choice of Int Hp Build ~ Priest Chitin Set +8/15 hp , Dread Sheild +6/7 , Lobo Hammer +7/8 or Holy Animor +7 , String Of Skulls/Skeleton Belt , Elemental Pendant +0/1 , Dual Roms +0/1 , Dual SSE +0/1 or Dual WSE +0/1.

    Int ~ 174
    Str ~ 104
    Rest into Hp

    - Choice of Bp ~ Priest Silk (G2) +8 Set 3 x Str 2 x Hp , Hellbreaker+7 or Ex Mirage Sword +8 , String of Skulls / Skeleton Belt , Warrior Pendant +0/1 , Dual Foverins +0 , Dual Platinum Earrings or Warrior Earrings +0 , Dread Sheild +6/7 or Defender of Lord +7 , Smite Hammer +7.

    Int ~ 132 ( Enough for Smite +7 )
    Hp ~ Base
    Rest into Str

    I have about 30 ~ 40 gbs. Help me choose one of the build from above or help me make another build with my budget.

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    Int: chitin set +8, DS, HA, SkeBelt, EP+1, SSE
    dont use srting its a waste of coin on a priest. if u dont have enough coin use lobo instead of HA
    Bp: dont go g2 with thoose items, you wont have enough ap. Go full paper with ~210 str rest hp
    HB+7>Ex.MS+8, again SkeBelt is much better than SoS, more def and weap def, wp and fov are fine, for ears try to get lilimes, its the best for bp

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    plate +8 helmet, boots and gaunts. plate goblin pauldron and war pads

    ac/hp > ap. as a duffer you will do fine with 1500 ap lol

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    it would help alot if you told us what server and your prices ^
    as INT PRIEST : chitin+8 - DS+7 - HA+7 - daul ROM or daul ROL - EP+1 - GB/Skeleton Belt - Lillme + SSE
    as BP : Fabric+8(3str - 2hp) - HB+7 - daul Lillme - daul Fov+1 or ROL + ROC - Skeleton Belt if not go with kekuri - WP+1

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    Since your jewels are nice I'd suggest going paper BP with +9 armours. Get 255 STR and use 2/3 parts HP armour for PK

    It's quite easy to get 5 - 6k HP as a paper priest with 900-1000ac at your level whilst still holding over 2000+ap

    An INT priest wouldn't be able to match those, they have to sacrifice stats to get another


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