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Rogue Assasin Build Help....

This is a discussion on Rogue Assasin Build Help.... within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; I been playing on the HUMAN SIDE On My level 59 INT Lighting Mage Since 2004 On Ares I recently ...
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    Default Rogue Assasin Build Help....

    I been playing on the HUMAN SIDE On My level 59 INT Lighting Mage Since 2004 On Ares I recently made a come back My old clan has die out. I been going to arrdream to pk and they're 2 TURKISH clan with 3 other sub clan's they Dominated the whole arrdream. they wont add me in there party cause i dont belong in there clan, try joining there clan but i dont speak turkish : /. since i can't solo with my lr mage and i hate switching to Fr mage's I BEEN THINKING to build level 59 SIN..

    you my be wondering I'm might be noob that why they dont add me lol here is my gear::::
    Crimson +8 DD helmet
    Crimson +8 HP set
    Chaotic Staff +1 rebirth
    Elysium Staff +7
    Glass belt+0
    Iron necklace +0
    Elemental Pendant +0
    Dual Imir Ring +2
    Dual bronze earing +0
    Scorpion Shield+0

    1:so here is my first question what typed Assasin should I build paper(half plat +9),cardboard(FP+9),or INT???(CH+8) :::note i'm looking for highest damage Sin more like SPIKE town thing No vsing or anything n i dont wanna play support no more i'm done playing support also i wanna survive spike or 2 my self : P ::
    2:Second Question: what should my armor have DEX OR HP ???
    3:Third Question: what type of Jewl's should i have or keep from what i have ????
    4:fourth Question:what should be my weapon dagger choice??

    here what u been wanting to ask me what's my budget...
    My Budget is 120 GB or those item's what ever i sell them for X D...

    thank's neokhan1 with love from Ares : D

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    Going to assassin is really good idea because you can't play alone from mage or others

    I think your armor should have DEX... and chitin +8 will be great if you can afford all parts

    As you want maximum attack then make good combination of HP and DEX in your uniques

    Shard will be best... for ardrema I think ^^

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    Rogue with Chitins isn't INT rogue lol...

    Anyway get Chitins ofc with dex, Keep the Iron Neck, Glass belt and Scorpion shield.

    Sell the rest and get cleaver 9 (cheaper) or shard 8 for main hand, and CHD +1~+5 rev.

    Get dual rols, and RE +1/2

    Let me know if you'll have any cash left after you buy those items (idk ares prices) and I'll tell you what else to get.

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    i would say dv is better for offhand instead of chd.

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