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I am going to be an RLB assasin....
So... I'm really poor and I can't baba.. I'm on C-West (If you wanna donate to me =))
I only have 2.4 GBs
So this is what I am aiming for :

Elf Metal Earring - 9GB
Howling Rooster - 9GB
Warrior Pendant - 9GB
Ring of Life - 9GB
Ring of Life - 9GB
Elf Belt - 6GB
Cleaver +9 - 11 GB
CHD + 7 - 9GB
Chitin Shell + 7 Set (Without Head) - 4GB
Rogue Chitin Helm DD + 7 - 5GB
I have 3 GB
Tips on how to make money will be greatly appreciated (W/o babaing)
Thank you <3
Wow... LOL
This is going to be hard

I'm using questies and rentals right now .

Also make sure daggers are realistic and tell me what order to buy stuff =)

I would dump the elf belt. Unfortunately there is no perfect belt for a rogue. I personally use a string of skulls +? It gives me hp bonus, allows me to carry more items and with a little weapon defense it really helps. I especially like the ice resistance. I have talked to many of the good rogues (sins and archers) and many agree with string of skulls.

I would go with eme+?, rol+?, wp+?, sos+?. Sin shard+8 or better with CHD+8 or better. Archer I would go with IB+8 or better.