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Shell bp?

This is a discussion on Shell bp? within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; If level still opt for chitins... shells just takes away too much points for int... [/b] or hb/ii+9 ;p...
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    If level still opt for chitins... shells just takes away too much points for int... [/b]
    or hb/ii+9 ;p

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    All depends which server your playing. If its an older one with +6/25 dd's for paper and fp builds then yea you can make due with those, but if its on a newer server that doesn't have these then paper and fp is just begging to get torn a new one.

    Chitin is for sure decent as it gives alot more defense then fp and enough mana to not have to use a mana pot per helis as some trash paper priests have to. If you can get a DD+8/17 helm then it can work as long as you have a proper shield to work for warriors when they try to gank you.

    Myself i'm way too much of a target as a clan leader and an old name here so i prefer my shell+8 build for the more defense. Believe me defense >all since rofd on everything other then maybe a warrior. Ppl who say its way too much of a sacrifice in adding those 16 int stats must not be 80 or aren't priests who enjoy all aspects of priest. I am stated 70duff/60heal/12 masters and wouldn't change that for anything. Being able to have the 10k party and 10k heal is amazing on top of subside etc, but those party heals use insane mana thus the positive of those extra 16 int.

    Depends on your items and your skill build as well as your skill as a player - but also who your playing with and what your party/clan need your ass to do.

    Anyways a slight different opinion from some but it is mine.

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    actually 0bsene is the priest that i am talking about he haves shells+9

    id rather go paper and have 3.5k+ ap with those^^[/b]
    2.4k ap on a bp its alooot. Helis is the best attack skill ever

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