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next time when u will act like smartass here, check twice b4 u copy anything, coz its pretty obvious its not krowaz armor set bonus but mythril set.
what about this:

HP Bonus: 400
MP Bonus: 500
Strength Bonus: 10
Health Bonus: 10
Dexterity Bonus: 15
Resistance to Glacier: 10
Resistance to Lightning: 10
Resistance to Magic: 40

back to topic, ofc krowaz +7 set >>>>>>> shell set +8, u really dont need to be genius to figure that up
and there is way how this stuff can be sold after u already used, restarts / maintenances break that seal when the krowaz aint used. if its not already changed with latest patches
yup ma bad, was to quick in being a smartass ^^ exams make a man confused
thx for the correction, have a nice day