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Skill bar and how to combo

This is a discussion on Skill bar and how to combo within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; Hey guys! I played every other class than SIN and now I decided to come back to usko ( c-west ...
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    Default Skill bar and how to combo

    Hey guys!

    I played every other class than SIN and now I decided to come back to usko ( c-west ) and I though: A new start, a new char and a new class :P

    So I am a total nuub as sin.

    any1 got some cool ideas for skill bars and how to combo?

    I will be RLB

    Thanks in advance. Nico

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    Skillbar setups are just preference, and it depends if your right or left handed. As for combo, its the same as any other class ^_^ skill rr, skillwr, skillsr etc. Goodluck!

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    first of all, as a sin you have to learn a minor combo. there's minor cooldown so the most common minor combo is the minor+hp pot combo. i can't explain how to do that because you have to find it out on your own. you could watch some sin vids and u'll see how to do that.
    the skill bar depends on how would you like to play. for example where'd you like to take the light feet, the minor-hp pot-mana pot etc. there are many various of skill bars the best thing if you make your own one which you know the best.

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    just read 0000000's guide and watch his movies, it's all there
    good luck

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    long time has passed since i played rogue but i can tell you this: bar setup is mainly subjective.
    Moreover it depends on what u want to do.
    Some people choose to put attack skills in order to do the max dmg possible before the new spike is recharged.
    Other people prefere to use something like Lightfeet-spike-trust-pierce(and so on) almost regardless of the other skills order.. 3x critic dmgs in few secs.
    About the healing part i suggest you to train double heal combo (minor+pot).
    ABout me i used to have something like attack skills.----hp-soul-minor and light feet on right click.
    BUt this is simply personal. U can find many strange bar setups..find a your own

    So my ending suggestion is go check some sin-vids on youtubz, try few setup used there and decide if you like it


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