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Stats For Int Priest

This is a discussion on Stats For Int Priest within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; Ok so what i wanna know is how i should be statting my int priest eg. wat i shuld put ...
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    Ok so what i wanna know is how i should be statting my int priest

    eg. wat i shuld put onto int,hp etc.

    and maybe sum reccomendations on what skills i shuld be using eg. buff,heal,duff

    thanks =]

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    level of your int priest?

    neways... most basic build for an INT Priest would be
    - stat hp/str enough for chitin+7 or +8 or +9 depending on server
    - stat enough str for the shield u intend to use
    - rest into HP
    - weapon choice would either be lycoan hammer / lupus hammer or lobo hammer
    - have all hp uniques
    - for lvling go buff / heal
    - for pk go debuff / heal (always remember you need minimumly party full heal as an int priest)

    to check for stat requirements for armors or weapons... you can log on to

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    for an int preist, u need the following

    *WEAPON DEFENSE* (seeing as how people hit u all the time cuz ur the support)
    *RESISTANCE* (mages hurt, the more u can get the better)
    *HIGH HP* (more hp the longer u can tank...duh..)
    *HIGH AC* ( more u have the longer u can tank)*
    *GOOD MANA* ( more u have the more u can hp pot, untill u get down to grinding th esoul pots from party heals)

    when buying items for a support priest along with stating, you need to know the basics, you want a balance of everything from the list above, by getting the most weapon defense is key along with high resistances, seeing as how these will lower damage THE MOST overall, next u should try to get your hp as high as you can with keeping your resisthigh and with out sacrificing weapondefense, and then you should work on your ac, and lastly mana,

    always remember you can sacrifce some ac for weapon defense i.e. if u can get a in over an ep, or an ep +1, i would definitaly do it,

    earrings: lillimes/ or if u cannot afford them, go with ce, they are cheap give great resist and hp

    rings: legionaire bands ftw, <3 resist, 30 ac on each ring, and great hp bonus, no ring is better for support priest i feel

    necklace: in (<3 wep def + hp bonus) / ep (for extra hp)/ wp ( <3 the resist bonus as well as decent hp)

    belt: ib or gb ( <3 mana from the gb)

    lastly for stating,

    personally i woudl go for chitins +8, i feel that this is the best "overall" build that gives a basic average for any type of preist, it gives u decent base mana, decent base hp and decent BASE resist.

    if u cannot afford +8 chitins, go for +7, for +8 chitins you stat 174 int, for +7 it is 172

    now once u put 174 or 172 int, you then put the requirement of str in for your shield ( or pauldron that you are waring)

    usually it is aroudn 104 str, (106 if u ahve a personal shield +7)

    then with the remaining stat points, you put them into HP,

    the reason behind this is to get your base hp as high as you can so u can take more hits, and every point after 100 in hp, will give u 1 extra ac, so if u ahve 170 into hp, u will get a bonus of 70 extra ac

    cant really add much more, but the more weapon defense you can get, the better,

    always remember its always a great idea to have a dd shield, and if u play a new server, a dread shield is great shield to have

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    always remember its always a great idea to have a dd shield, and if u play a new server, a dread shield is great shield to have [/b]
    +1 to everything JDizzle said, pretty much wraps it all, but just wanted to add something:

    As for sheilds, if you have the money, its advised that you get a few sheilds. Usually people will have a Dread sheild, a Personal sheild, a Scorpion sheild, and sometimes, a Spear Def sheild. Why so many? well its all for different scenarios. For exmaple, personal sheild > dread sheild when its only warriors/bp&#39;s chasing after ur ass, but once a few rogues come join in the hunt, it may be better to change to a dread sheild (for the DD). Scorp sheild is also very nice to have, espeically when ur going up against one of those annoyingly powerful mage parties, or maybe when ur raiding Mage AOE EW parties. And well spear def sheild is self explanitory... when u see a few peeps with raptors against ur ass or something =P (u dont relaly need one if u have a decent dread or personal sheild)

    Same goes for weapon defences, get a +7 chitin of every piece, and learn to switch them on and off according to the situation. It relaly does help a lot if u are able to siwtch them fast and at the right timing.

    Oh and.. kinda the same for a hammer (one handed) as well.... Lycoan hammer is great for resists when theres lots of mages, and holy animor is great for its AC.

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    thanks guys, really gave me an idea on where to start for my priest =]

    was really helpful thank you all.



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