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Suggestion for rlb warrior

This is a discussion on Suggestion for rlb warrior within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; I'm building a warry for rlb but considering that it's my first try with a warr in general, i really ...
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    Default Suggestion for rlb warrior

    I'm building a warry for rlb but considering that it's my first try with a warr in general, i really need to understand how stat/skill him

    Atm lvl 64 and skilled as follow: 60 attack - 45 defence - 2 master

    And I have 3 still not used skill points, but before smoking them in the wrong way i would like to hear some suggestion about where using them.

    Should i spend them on master and gaining the 65 passive skill (-10% dmg of all attacks) ---and about that skill...will the reduction influence only phisical attack or also dmg by spells?!

    Or should i use the left skill points on defence...till reaching 55 on def and gaining
    descent + evading?
    Descent really tempts me..and it looks cool XD moreover,
    25% def increased with shield on. (evadin)

    Then, how should i stat the warrior ? How much str and hp stats?
    What's a good lvl of mana to have for not soulpotting everysecond? XD

    Some additional info...atm i'm using magic shells +7 dropped around, so they simply costed me 0 nohas...I do pretty nice things with them.. (6hp and 5 str bonus) and since they got low str...till now i've pumped mainly the str stat when i levelled up.

    Atm my stats are : str = 241 and hp = 96
    Without buff and using all quest jewels i got 3k+ hp and 800+ def if i'm not wrong.
    As weapon i use a rappy +7 atm...and i'm really surprised becouse even using all that noob items i still literally pwn in bdw.

    Tnx for reading and for any reply.

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    At lvl 69 skillpoints:
    60 atck, 55 def, 5 master. Thats the best imo for rlb warrior. In what order u put them, up to u.

    Stats, Max ur str and rest to hp ( 255str, 107 hp)
    And lvl 65 passive master skill decreases all dmg done, including spells, defence doesnt matter against spells thou.

    Dont worry about mana if ur going to use magic shells still at 69, you have it enough. But you really need some str ears/rings/necky/belt if u use macigs.

    And no wonder if u own in bdw, just wait till u get 66, wont own anymore


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