I'm going to make a LvL 69 Int Priest for RLB on Dies and need help on gear. I'm making a new char and he is at LvL 29 but I'm going BP until I get 69 or should I change Int Priest when I get LvL 60 or so? For BP I got Fabric Set+8 and Weight Hammer+3 but once I get high enough I got HB+7. I got no good jewerly like +6/7 str. How should I stat skill wise? Buff/heal/malice? At what level will it be good to change into Int Priest for good xp? I'm going to save my money and not buy any BP jewerly and save for Int Priest items. For Int Priest items what would be better? I think dual sse+0 (or maybe dual le+0 why are le+0 better then sse+0? you get less hp and I dont need str when I'm int.), dual rol+0, ep+1 (is there a better neck I could get?) ib+0 or maybe gb+0 (which is better gb+0 or ib+0?). For armor I think I'm going to go FP+8/15hp and get some rare fp weapon def and maybe later get FP+9/19hp. Also what kind of weapon should I have? Thinking mabe HA or Lycaon Hammer? Thanks for any suggestions!!!