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Tank Ice Mage

This is a discussion on Tank Ice Mage within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; i havent really tried other build then really rentals so im going to be a lv 80 Tank ice mage ...
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    i havent really tried other build then really rentals so im going to be a lv 80 Tank ice mage in Ionia im trying to go crystal+8 build cuz complete requires to much int, but crystal is hard to find, would cardboard be good for it or any other suggestions, someone said go paper build so i can max out my hp and wuld make up for the ac lost, ima use a gabs +5, lobo +5either dual roms or dual shio, ep , dual ce/dual be, any suggestions on the build

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    First of all , drop idea of Crystals +8 . U'll gain a bit more hp than using crimsons / completes +7 .. but u'll lose some def and most important thing , ability to use DD helmet ( if u don't get the paper one , which will take a while , cuz crimson is way more easier to get , and cheaper ) . 2nd of all , it doesn't require " too much int " , it requires just as much u need . Like I said , if u don't have cash or ability to get Paper DD +7/15 , any build lower than 160 int a.k.a crimson / complete is just stupid . 3rd , thing that u need to clean up with urself is will u get staff or not . Using completes , u need to put 118 in mp anyway , which gives u possibility to wield a Glacier Erenion . If u decide to go with Crimsons +8 , u would need to add 6 points into mp to use staff ... but thats ur call . If u want to be 24/7 tp .. u won't need staff ... in that case , go with Crimsons +8 , cuz its not big ac loss comparing to completes , but u'll gain more in hp ... cuz crimsons require less mp than completes . Since legionnaire band is something u can't get .. for rings i would say go ROMS at first , l8r work on ROLS , get Ep+0/1/2 .. higher u can the better , Cleric Earring + SSE or WSE as a earring , and u r set . Try to get Lycaon Hammer instead of Lobo , u need all resistances .. and ofc defense belt if that is an option . Ske > Glass > Ib (for mage that use staff attack a lot, i would go with glass .. but since u will mostly aoe or throw single target skills , better get those 20 ac if its possible =) )


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