My specialty

1st tip .. put a teleport skill on all the skill bars. (same #) mine is on 4

2nd. (only if a rogue is spike towning) , dont look at his HP, first follow him as close to the towers as you can go so you can guesstimate how long it will take him to spike. Next watch his mana, this can be tricky at times but the whole time your doing this cast your tp, then fail it before you cast , then once you see his mana, or basically any change in his hp/bar/curse tp him. He'll love you.

3rd. watch for heros, someone in your pt might run into a mob of 30 people, if thats the case start casting right before he attacks. Especially if he is iced. Pking in ardream is a little different because of the low HP, you have much more time to think about tp'ing in cz.

4th, follow your instincts , sometimes you will get lucky but most of the time if you wait too long he's dead.

5th. Know your parties skill/gear/hp.

6th. Give your party your resists. As a lightning mage give LR to your Priests + maybe rogues if they have low LR, otherwise give warriors / rogues GR.

7th. Regroup regroup. if you see the party getting to far apart tp them in strategic fashion.

8th, when regrouping your party after death / town / relocation teleport the other mage first, then rogues, warriors, priests. When you town before your party gets rolled tp your party members that the enemy will attack first. (duffed players / iced players before anything) . Nothing will piss off your enemy when they can only kill you, then you save everyone in your party.

9th. If you are attacking , and you are close to killing them , and you see a party member dying fast. Stop and tp him. Rage quitting happens in KO too,

10th, the whole time you are pking keep an eye on the chat box and also team mates health bars. Watch for any bars draining and click that person right away .

11th , if you dont know turkish, know some key words. (topla = tp party) (bekle = wait) etc

12th , know how long the cast will take, that way you can cancel your tp before its too late, and also make really fast saves.

Although i have never tried support mage, i am still very effective as an attacker.

ALSO, if you are ardream go 45 light + 51 ice. Cast blizzard into mobs, then follow with 45 light. 33 light skill is also very effective.

In border defense wars buy the teleport scrolls from sundries. Key is to try and never let the enemy mobilize and come out in strength. If your party cannot kill the other party, start tping attackers ontop of their priests.

Also always look for strategic points in the maps (hills/boulders) , and of course flanking is fun as well.

Probably left a few things out.. its 3:40 am so im kinda tired