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VS Questions (combo/minor)

This is a discussion on VS Questions (combo/minor) within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; So I got some questions about vs situations ~1~ We both got same combo ( 13 per spike AFAIK the ...
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    Default VS Questions (combo/minor)

    So I got some questions about vs situations

    ~1~ We both got same combo ( 13 per spike AFAIK the best) does it matter who makes it faster ? I mean , if one makes it faster he has to wait like 0.1 seconds and the other one will catch him up ... ?
    ~2~ same combo (13) , whats the best way to minor ? - no cooldown . Fast when he spikes , normal when the spike/thrust loads ?


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    If you both doing same number of skills the time (0.1..? lol) doesnt matter, just the DMG it make, and if the spike / thurst / pierce fail or not..

    And to your #2 question, ye.

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    u dont have to wait for 0.1 second u can use an extra R damage in that time. if u have good combo u can minor faster cuz while u hit skillz ur minor slows down.

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    when u cast a skill like spike thrust etc ur minor stops the faster u cancel ur swing with w.e combo u use the more minors u get in which makes ur minor faster. Also time hp pot with the other rogues spike thrust etc. ive know of some ppl who start a vs with bloody beast cut shock etc so they fuck up the others rogue timing on the hp. Works really well. What i do is i RR with hp then which to WR when i mp pot because WR enables you to minor faster because no swing (also destroys ur mana thats why i only do it while im mp potting). idk but getting 13 hits in doesnt mean ur combo is good. its about adjusting to the situation within a vs. There are so many combo which fit every situation you just gotta be able to know them all. For example if im losing a vs i switch my combo from RR to WSR.

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