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Warrior or BP???

This is a discussion on Warrior or BP??? within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; I'm so torn between what I want to be. I plan on buying a lvl 80 character soon but im ...
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    Default Warrior or BP???

    I'm so torn between what I want to be. I plan on buying a lvl 80 character soon but im gonna play RLB too.

    Can anyone convince me why one is better than the other?

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    It completely depends on whether you like playing support or attacking more. Two classes that are completely different syles so its hard for someone to try convincing you to play one or the other. It's all personal preference in my opinion.

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    I've faced the same uncomfortable decision.

    Here is how I've calculated it:

    Warrior Pro's:
    Resistance is set a lot higher / mages do less damage
    A shield increases overall AC more than any other class (due to the Defense skill)
    HP is high / natural tank

    BP Pro's:
    Prayer of God's Power / increasing AP to a dramatic-high
    Duffing abilities / demoralizes and weakens any enemy
    A good tank when shield is equipped

    Basically, yes, it's about personal style. You can do well either way. However - Warriors are a lot more fun, and a lot less expensive to maintain nowadays than most people think. Look at some PK vids, people in Adream with Chitin+8 and a raptor+7 are doing pretty well. As a BP 59, you need a bit more solid equipment to stay alive -- unless you're quick with the shield-swapping*

    As for having to decide between an 80 warrior or an 80 BP, I would choose Warrior based on serviceability. Everyone wants to be a BP nowadays and the demand for them has increasingly declined.

    Go warrior. You won't regret it. An 80 Defense warrior is also fun, if you're not serious about PK (warriors are natural tanks so going Defense is not really necessary - yet it's still fun)

    Btw -- the AC on this warrior is not effected by the AC scroll he is buffed with. That Iron Wall skill, which looks like a Rogues 800 AC skill, tripples your BASE AC -- overwriting your scroll. Just clarifying.

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    holy crap lol....thats a ton of AC. And thats only with FP armor lol.

    Ppl must get really frustrated attacking you with that kinda defense lol. I bet you barely get scratched XD

    Good descriptions of both classes. I would also like to add that with a BP you are limited to play whatever style (support/ attack melee) your party requires at the time. You wont be able to just attack all the time, although, that would be fun with a well geared BP lol. So between the 2 classes your priorities are very different which is why I said it mainly depends on your personal preference. Hope that helps.

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