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Warrior or BP????

This is a discussion on Warrior or BP???? within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; I'm so torn between what I want to be. I plan on buying a lvl 80 character soon but im ...
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    Default Warrior or BP????

    I'm so torn between what I want to be. I plan on buying a lvl 80 character soon but im gonna play RLB too.

    Can anyone convince me why one is better than the other?

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    The veryy basic differences

    BP is very capable to solo
    Warrior is not.

    Warriors got high defense
    BPs do not, soo youll need to buy weapon defenses

    Depends on your budget.

    Have you played either or before?

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    Played warrior on and off for a while. I'm okay

    Never really played BP before but it's growing on me.

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    well warriors there isn't a lot of difficult things to know about and how to be a good warrior. Mainly warriors you just attack, you can't really save people other then maybe body blocking people from chasing either your mage or priest.

    On the other hand, priests, especially BP priests are very difficult, you have to understand when to attack, when to support, put down heals curers. It's a really difficult task, you can't always play the attacker in the party, even if there is a duffer and buffer already in the party, you have to analyze situations and understand when to take the offensive and so on........

    For playing a BP especially in cz, its kind of a bit screwed because of the krowaz armour, as you waste too much int on the krowaz to even wear it. So it doesn't leave you a lot for strength and hp states to be put on and you really need 83 for your master skills to help boost your resist, defence etc.

    It's because of the amount of int you loose, i wouldn't advice you to go BP and plus i wouldn't advice you to use any other armour other then krowaz, unless you get like +10 or +9 shells maybe, but you still will be a very easy target for people attacking, and seems like your in cwest, +10 armour out of the question and i dont think there is any parts +9 chitin shell for priests. So even if you do get full +9 set chitin shell, due to these cursed weapons and alot of gg warriors in c-west cz at the moment, alot of them can pretty much being duffed die in 2 hit's or so, take "madara" from humans as a situation, not saying his bad or anything, he has so much ap hits like crazy, but defence wise really crap for a warrior.

    There really isn't much to warrior, its either you have good combo with good items and become a gg warrior, which is pretty much straight forward for warriors.

    Or you give yourself a big challenge, and go for a BP (gg in RLB, nothing much to say, either way requires skills) and get some good practice into the BP, learn new situations and new skills develop them (best to learn in RLB then go CZ) and become a gg BP, this is also not taking into account costs wise, what you can afford, my suggestion, best chance of becoming a gg BP especially in CZ, would be to get a trial set (priest), seen someone selling it, pm if you want to get a hold of the person, but that trial set in my opinion would do you wonders as a BP in CZ, go check out its states.

    Hope thats ok, ill maybe correct some stuff or write more later.

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    Krowaz BP is good , u dont need any trial or something , i am using krowaz and doing just fine , all u need is a lvl , thing is u must get like hb + 9 so u put less in str and more on hp coz as sinful said u put a lot on int , 188 u need very nice items.U can have more fun with BP , it's dynamic , with a warrior it's like u just go and swing with rapy for example and that is it a sinful said again u can be a good warrior without doing much,anyway if u have gbs krowaz BP is doing just fine all u need is money , GL and HF!

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