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What to get next

This is a discussion on What to get next within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; Ultimate plan is to be INT Krowaz Bp duffer. currently skilled 60 heal 75 duff 5 master and 2 left ...
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    Default What to get next

    Ultimate plan is to be INT Krowaz Bp duffer.

    currently skilled 60 heal 75 duff 5 master and 2 left over @ lvl 80.

    Str 106
    INT 188
    rest to HP. have a little over 10800 HP fully buffed.

    SSE +2
    WSE +3
    Legionairre +1
    Krowaz +7 set
    Lycaon Hammer +6
    Lobo Hammer +7
    FOV +3
    Lilimes +1 x 2
    Gabs Adamant +7
    Personal shield +7
    Glass Belt
    Mean Leonard +7
    Fabric sets HP/Str +8/15

    Also can transfer these from my warrior but would rather not fvck about with transferring stuff all the time ( dont like to leave my gear unsealed ).
    ROC +2
    String +2
    WE +2
    Iron Belt

    Working points out and from what others have said you stat enough str for the weapon you will be using. Wiri's @ +7 require 202 str and HB+8 only 178. So if I stay Krowaz+7 that means if using the HB+8

    Str : 178
    INT : 188
    HP : 106

    I know even with that gear if I stat enough str for wiri+7 then my overall buffed hp will be low so gonna go for HB+8 instead. Question is,how much hp will I have roughly and will it be enough or should I just forget about that build until lvl 82/83?

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    2-3 lvls wont change that much ur hp.
    tho u can easy put str only for holding hb+8, the rest for hp if u warried about that. the hellis dmg will cover for ur lost str points, and u can just ur build in kingofknight.

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    I need enlighten...ok, if u r using hb, then is not a problem, maybe just have to switch to fabric str set with all ur warrior accessory.,The question is to choose between int priest or int bp. With gab and lycaon/lobo not a problem, ur hp will be ard 3.5 to 4 k if kwowaz set(hp) compare to normal priest ~6k hp, but u wanna use leonard or smite, any 1h weap, ur warrior accessory doesnt come to good what i think if u wanna be int bp , theb forget abt hb..just own opinion..


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