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Will the Paper Build work for me?

This is a discussion on Will the Paper Build work for me? within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; ur ap will be great ...almost 3k or smth like that No point doing it cus ur def will be ...
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    ur ap will be great ...almost 3k or smth like that
    No point doing it cus ur def will be smth like 850 and hp will be really low .

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    i thought it was hard being a paper bp on girakon, i couldn't even imagine on diez or ares
    you would go down so fast, it would knock you out of your chair

    also, i love how people always say what the person should get
    "you should get dual rocs+1 bro"
    he listed what gear he has, he knows what gear is better he doens't need this spam in his topic

    Also DS+6 DOL+7 and Hanguk sword+7
    :wub: You'll never walk alone! [/b]
    hanguk+7 sucks, its only good for warriors in off-hand
    +8 is decent
    impacts+8 are around the same price as hanguks+7 (on my server at least) i'd try and get one of those

    Ok one more question...full str still viable? I've seen NortFr0nt on ares, full str, ofc need whole new kind of play, shield on duffing, then wield weapon and hit hard. Ofc i dnt have CS+?. Could do the same with shield of player if it doesnt have high int requirement.[/b]
    nordfront; doesn't that guy have a +9 hellbreaker and +3 uniques?
    it wouldn't matter if he was full 255 intel build he would still rape the hell out of anyone in cz

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    Nordfr0nt had full +3 uniques bar IB I think

    255 builds can still rape diez, it's just the hp , low ac and rogues that are the problem

    I took down a lvl 80 warrior yesterday with malice, and lost to another. Just depends on their clan there's a few on diez who have major geared chars, but ALL the rogues hit hard. If you don't have DD you'll go down quick.

    I'ts easy for a rogue on diez to crit me 2.4+ without my DD on, with it on it's like 1500 (only like 750ac or something)

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