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WP+3 vs IN vs AOC+3

This is a discussion on WP+3 vs IN vs AOC+3 within the Class Questions and Tips forums, part of the Game Questions & Tips category; Well guys i am a rlb warrior. I have Roc+1, fov+2, dual 16/3 str earrings, iron belt, amulet of curse+3, ...
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    Well guys i am a rlb warrior. I have Roc+1, fov+2, dual 16/3 str earrings, iron belt, amulet of curse+3, shells+8 and raptor+8 reb. I got some money and i want to upgrade my neck so what do you think WP+3 or Iron neck?? Should i keep the aoc and upgrade my rings or what?

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    looking at the stats,
    i think WP+3 wins hands down over the other 2
    u already have a lot of str extra from the earrings
    aoc+3 is good for xping maybe , or when u need a lil more ap
    IN is pretty nice too but highly overrated imo

    from experience,
    WP+2 usually compares with IN (on my server atleast)
    only problem is when u get malice/torment, IN matters much more
    every other way WP wins

    definitely worth it to get IN/WP+2/+3
    rather than keeping aoc+3 and upgrading rings

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    get the AOC+3 out of your mind that would be cool on an archer - since your a warrior and a RLB one - i`l say go for the WP+2/3 - IN is just noot important in RLB nor Ardream imho - i mean a IB/GB should do the JOB !!

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    if you have ib or glass b, go with wp+3 (i'm pretty sure u have since ur thiking about wp+3)

    in case you dont have ib, then in is a must.

    aoc should be dropped out of this cuz wp bonuses cant really compare to aoc bonuses, also, dont get me wrong, aoc is awesome necklace at +3!!

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    your on diez so IN and WP+3 arn't even close to being in the same price range, if you want to be cost effective you can get IN and some better ear rings, str isn't as inportant as defense and mana. i'd also give up iron belt for a string of skulls+2, but those are really hard to get, warrior are loving them at +3 and arn't really selling their +2's. IN+SOS+2/3 is a great combo. if you can get a WP+3 for any price close to what your paying for an IN go for it, but usually an IN is only a WP+2 and some coins on top. +16/3 ears suck, no def, barely any mana boost, barely any hp, go Plat/War ears, or if you want str at least go opals+3, then you get some def. even opal's +2 would give u 16 str/15 def, that added 30 def is better than the added 6 hp your getting


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