1. New members must have accumulated 50 posts and 90 days since joining before creating a new thread in market sections.

2. Market sections are not intended for server discussion, please only post if you are buying/selling something.

3. No flaming or topic hijacking.
* Members will receive one warning to stop - if it continues, the user will be muted, temporarily banned, or permanently banned - at forum staff discretion.

4. All unique weapons and armor to +11 rebirth and all unique accessories to +3 may be sold, with the following exceptions:
* Items with a higher bonus may be allowed, at forum staff discretion based on criteria such as server age and item legitimacy.
* On newer servers, members may begin selling +11 rebirth items and +3 accessories 30 days after the server is released.

5. No members may sell items for someone else.
* Members will be permanently banned for violating this rule; after investigation and confirmation by forum staff.

Helpful Links: Inter-server Trade Requests, Trade Mediation Requests, Scammer/Cheater List, USD Buying Guide, Forum Feedback, Forum Rules

These rules are subject to change at any time and final review is at the discretion of forum staff.