I'm carrying alot of money atm, and im wondering where im going, so im headed to glory in ionia for the server I love turks and all the talks they have in chat when I'm in an xp party, and all...but its fun being solo for a bit, so I'm offer my Gbs for your weapons...so IF you got a +6 unique 1h or 2h weapon for the warrior...i'll talk to you in msn...


Avedon +7 (Preferrably) 15 GBS OFFER.
Hell Breaker +7 (Preferrably) 15 GBS OFFER..
Lugias +7 (Preferrably) 15 GBS OFFER..

Avedon +6 or anything with trina i would love... and a bus scroll would convince it dearly...

PM me in k4l for further contact.