well i kno this is the wrong topic but most people dont even look at the other topics so this is where i'll post this

I'm offering a couple of different things for some carnac-west items/accounts.

#1 = Steam account which contains ( I think its a $20-$40 dollar value.)
Half Life 2 : Lost Coast
Half Life 2 : Deathmatch

#2 = 2Moons account with
64 Segita that has 2 rare weapons +4 and +5
7 Million Dil (gold)
Lots of argates and so on.

#3 = 64 Warrior on Cypher

#4 = Wacraft 3 Account capable of Joining TDA games.

#5 = 57 Priest on Dies

I'm just looking for carnac - west items asap. Pm me or whisper me here if you see something you like.