Just taking offers atm, but if the offers right ill take it!


Ring of life +1

Ring of Magic +3

3x Warrior Earrings +2

Glass Belt +1

Glass Belt +0

2x Iron Necks

2x Shios +3

Oasis Staff +5rev

Dread Shield +8 no rev

Priest Chitin DD helm +7

Priest Chitin pauldron +5rev

Priest Chitin Gloves +8 no rev

Priest Chitin pads +8rev

Priest Chitin boots +5rev

Lobo Hammer +7no rev

Crimson Pauldron +21rev

Crimson Boots +4rev

Crimson Pads +5rev

Looking to Sell Everything For Usd!

I will not go first Unless its a trusty i know!

Buyers Pay Fees!