As topic says, im done with KO, dont need to ruin my life any more, keep gettin scammed and shit. Now i just want out, Ill be selling all my stuff via WU ONLY because i dont have a PP account.

Selling List:

<strike>- Lvl 75 @ 53% Rogue -> No PD, Ork, 123k np ( YOU WILL NEED TO PROVIDE CR!! )
-ATM i have 12gb to sell, Should get a few more by tomorrow maby -> 12usd per GB ( price is not going to change. )
-2x ROL
-Iron Belt

If you buy everything as a combo ( which includes, Char in CR, 2x rol, IB, 12gb+, Rogue Shell Set +7, Spear def boots+7 and all scroll in my INN ) ill sell for $500 usd via WU</strike>
My Ko4life account is always online, inbox sometimes gets full, so post your offers in topic and ill PM u.

SOLD COMBO for $550 usd

Topic can be closed.

and GL to every1 in ko =P , hopefully ull have better luck then me lol. And to all the scammers, go jump off a bridge and do the world a favor...