62 Priest karus side in undestructablzz

It is currently Full Healer was making pots and selling. Has 38mill in the inn to reskill as you wish.

Has full Royal chitin ( broke the chitin 5s)

Only has done 1 quest, Hob Goblin quest.

Has all the quest jewlery except the belt havnt done it yet.

The Quest for the Totomic Club still is available.

Stated as 172 INT 102STR (or 104 cant remmeber) Rest HP

has about ~2k nps.

Has Exp Valks.

Also on the account it has a Mage by the name of CookiesNCream on Akara level 66
Completes 6
Wizzard 8
like 20-30mill in the inn

Also on the account it has a Warrior on Diez level 57
Glave 8
Chitin Pauldron/Pads 7
FP +8 boots/guants
Chitin Helmet +7/15DD
Like a little less or over 100mill...

Has about 5 Days left of Platnium Premium...

Looking for a nice USD offer has 3 nice little characters so only will sell for a nice offer.
Lots of Scrolls/Valks