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    Selling List

    #1) Level 80 warrior (Orc Nation, 10k nation points) ////// C/O is $400usd or 40GB
    - 80 personal quest open
    - Balog, Cz Evil Wizard and Peace Keeping in Ronark Land quest are all open
    - All skill quests have been opened (you don't need any dreaded magic jewel powders )
    - Level 70 personal has burned, unfortunetly

    #2) Name Change Scroll (NCS) ////// C/O is 3GB

    This is as much information I can think of giving.
    If any other questions arise, please feel free to pm me here or add me MSN at [email protected].

    Offer Away! :lol:

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    LvL 77 warrior 30% 50k nps donate 10k on him . Iron bow +5 reverse and We +0 For ur warrior lvl 80. :P

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    I am in the midst of solitude, and have just been scammed. I thought there could be another human being on this planet as myself that would hate to see another person be hurt, physically, mentally, financially or whatever it may be. I guess I was wrong. [email protected] is the person who took my Level 80 warrior without giving his side of the deal in return. This was a very stupid mistake on my part, and I guess this finalizes me ever trusting anyone ever again. Have fun trading to all on KO4LIFE and avoid faggot's like this.

    P.S. - I should have followed Ko4Life rules, do not ever sell accounts, only through cypher ring, this way a trade mediator can guarantee a successful. Hence why they do not tolerate account trades.

    /close topic please


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