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This is a discussion on S>Mage items Only IGC within the Gordion forums, part of the Market Place category; Mage earing +0 Paper pauldron +8 /15health Wreath of Erenion +1RB...
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    Mage earing +0
    Paper pauldron +8 /15health
    Wreath of Erenion +1RB

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    Mage earing +0
    Paper pauldron +8 /15health
    Wreath of Erenion +1RB[/b]

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    this guy is selling items he scammed from my real life friends account...

    he was a "sharer" of my friends mage who just bought 22 gbs and equiped himself, this guy asked my friend whether he can log in and play a bit, my friend said ye(he had no prem so no seal or anything) 10 minutes later this guy disappeard from teamspeak/icq and a german forum where this guy and my friend were in contact, he made a noob char on cw and merched this items+ an ep+0 and rom+0 which my friend just bought, they are sold already i guess

    i pmed the guy (name of that char: aWo, check selling on KoK if u want to) who was selling exactly the items my friend got scammed for in german and said smth like" what about givin the items back dang noob" he went off, now he has another char called SpainForLive i pmed that guy as well, went off too.

    we are from germany and as u can see this guy named BeatKilla is from germany as well

    you can call it hilariouos, cuz i cant proof it in any way but i know he is it

    cya in RL g4yzoar!


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