Glass Belt - 15-20 gold bars. First offer wins it. NO USD</span>

Scorpion Shield +6 - 230,000,000 noahs. NO USD

Full Plate Set with Health Bonus 4Priest +8/15, 100,000,000 noah each a piece. So 500m for 5 pieces, NO USD

2x Pieces of Priest Shell +7/12 Str, Pads and Gloves only, 125mil noah a piece. So 250m for 2 pieces of those with str, NO USD

1x Piece of Priest Shell +7/12 Health, Pauldron only, 120mil noah a piece, NO USD

Sword of the Beast - 35mil noah, NO USD

Fabric Coat +8/15 Health - 25mil noah, NO USD

Full Priest Chitin Set +7/12 or +1/12 (Some pieces have reverse, some don&#39;t) Health Bonus - 55mil noah each. <span style="color:#FF0000">NO USD