Selling account with the following.

Priest Lvl 80. 38.64%

Full Krowaz +7 set
scorp shield +5
Gabs Blessing +7
1 x legionairre band
1 x ring of life
50m gold
red dragon neck +1
crystal neck +2
agate earing
bronze earing
smite hammer +1rb
lycaon +6
lobo hammer +7
old elemental pend
2 x old sse's

Mage Lvl 80 1.26%
Full Krowaz +7 ( robe is +6 )

5k mana pots
6k hp pots
4k ibex pots
50 tp to friend scrolls
20 cougar ts scrolls
27 350 AC scrolls
swift pots.

Selling to highest bidder by 18:00 hrs (GMT) tomorrow. Only selling as full account with all items included. Resellers welcome. Its my mums 70th birthday and I'm pretty desperate for cash......Now there's honesty for ya!

Paypal only and preferably to known traders. Thx guys.