Sorry for making me a new post but i couldnt edit my old 1 anymore.!.

Selling list:

<strike>S> LVL 81 ASAS-1% / 1.2mil NP / PD+7</strike>

S> LVL 77 PRIEST-1% / 50k NP / No Pers.. (ring) // 175-250 USD

S> LVL 65 WARRIOR-30% / 10k NP / (ring) // no idea


Rogue shell set+8 (140-160 USD)
<strike>Rogue FP Gauntlet+9 (50-75 USD)</strike>
<strike>Shard +8 (75-100 USD)</strike>
CHD+8 (125-150 USD)
<strike>HR+2/+1 stats (50-75 USD)
HR+2/+1 stats (50-75 USD)</strike>
ROL+1 (100-125 USD)
LEGO Band +1 (90-110 USD)
Iron Belt (100-125 USD)
<strike>Iron Neck (125-150 USD)</strike>
Rogue Chitin set +7/12 HP (OFFER)
Rogue FP set +7/12 HP (OFFER)
Rogue Undy set +8/15hp /gauntlet+9\ (OFFER)
Raptor +3 Reb (OFFER)
Rogue Chitin Defense set +7 /gauntlet +6\ (OFFER)
Scream scoll (OFFER)
Magic Shield scoll (OFFER)
Priest Chitin Defense set +7 (OFFER)
SS +0 Reduced (OFFER)

If you need gold bars it also possible cause then i will just sell items ingame and sell you coins instead of items.

Bring me those offers! FAST!!! NEED BUYERS!!!!



(also able to trade them for items on c-west)