well as the topic says..
im buying a 65+ account...it doenst matter, karus or human.
im lookin forward for it having alot of np...if its like 150k+ i will give u even a better deal.
now for human...it would be really nice if its a mini warrior 65+
im mostly lookin for either a Mage..a Warrior..or priest. No rogues.

Here are the items that i have for trade, now im not saying i will trade all of them for the account but i will choose a combination of items depending on the char.

-MD +8 (non rebirth)
-Rebirth MD +1/70
-Blade Axe +7/70
-Wreath of erenion +6
-Trinas Piece
2x -Kukuri rings +0
my msn is [email protected]