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considering a lot of legit items got wiped through this patch.....ppl lost quest jewels and items they've had for a long long time, go take ur clan to isi and bug it some more

bump for silver *:wub:

wow flippinsweet... bug isiloon? wtf are u smoking retard....u sound like wraith86 or whatever his name is... the only time we did isiloons were with fragfactory just for enjoyment... :angry:

Yeah, like the time you did it with tyrannus_emp and priest_bob, 1 priest with no massive and 1 mage. Kiss my swingers asshole and bug it some more, I know exactly how you did it.

LMAO GRID.. u still exist? .. "1 priest with no massive".. yea we're that dam strong .. got a problem with that? ....i guess your clan needed 4-5 priests for isiloon... .. just like in pk ... for ur info we did not kill it... that's why we worked with fragfactory.. retard get back in your hole :wub: ... kkthxbb

P.S silver we're giving you free bumps baba
lawl, the should cover it all. Not that I got a fucking clue who you are, but grid would do better as single priest then 8 of your priest in a party. Your are a cheating pile of crap, period.[/b]

sorry.. but we raped u guys pretty bad when we meet up in cz.. so no clue wtf u smoking.. and we only have ONE fuken priest ... _toanie_ :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: _toanie_ > Grid fo sure ..... and about cheating.... .... you have proof? NO. you like to bs? YES. you are a fuken retard? YES...... can i say STFU? please.... better luck next time


lmao, funny how just about evry1 in ur clan has a cs, hmm, just like duper clans like Just1ce, BraveHeart and PaTRiot. You guys take after them? Seems you bug isiloon so why not dupe then eh?