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B> Iron Necklace +0 USD

This is a discussion on B> Iron Necklace +0 USD within the Ares forums, part of the Market Place category; ... although I don't understand why your playing Warcraft (Watching paint dry is more exciting) . .[/b] lol. . .to ...
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    ... although I don't understand why your playing Warcraft (Watching paint dry is more exciting) . .[/b]
    lol. . .to be honest, the simple fact that I could contact CS for almost any reason and get an immediate response. .(so far the responses I wanted) was enough to keep me playing.

    Malady, Mirara and I started playing shortly after quitting KO....since then Mal and I switched servers to play w/ some old KO friends (digger, and a few others)

    In my opinion, KO is one of the best games out there in almost every category .. but the company that runs it, has ruined the game for me. From cheating that doesnt get fixed, imo because doing so would lose money for the blatent lack of support legit players endure.

    Not sure what side you're on atm bro .. but I still have wifey's account on orc side - ares (she has long since given up on gaming) a 64 priest and a 62 mage i think . .

    I'm interested in taking 'baby steps' back into the game. . .I sure as hell wont put any cash into the game (with the exception perhaps of a NT) I miss all the old bastards that made this game fun . .yourself included...

    Any oldschool gg's wanna let a n00bie priest/mage into a clan ....lemme know ^_^

    Take care, stylez

    (edit: to the rest of the ko4life population . . deviouz and myself will be moving this to pm .. my apologies for not doing so sooner, but for both of our sake. .it had to be 'public&#39

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    OK MAKE UP SEX BABAS?? Glad this was sorted out in such a good way

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    I have a few 60&#39;s on WoW. Warriors can&#39;t beat anything 1 v 1. Priests were left behind on updates and are not even useful for heals anymore. Paladin&#39;s retribution tree is a joke. Hunter&#39;s are useless in arenas because of the pillars, Rogues can only kill something once every 5 min. because of cd&#39;s, 2minute mages wtfpawn you in 3 hits, Druids are....nightelves, Poor shamans have been nerfed to oblivion. My largest complaint is the lack of group support. Losing xp just for joining a group and everyones on different quests so you lose a lot of time just for grouping. Clans have about 19billion members. I spent a few months in various clans and for the most part I never saw the same person twice in game. For an mmorpg...I only got the feel of an rpg. Screw WoW. <_<

    And murlocs suck.

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