Hi,im vtec from OrcSide,i play on Logos server i make a level 70 in 1 month and 2 week. I wanna Share aCCount with someone if its possible.First i talk french and english only.Second i wanna Play Warrior,roguE or Mage only level 70+,or i wanna play level 59 adream for help Pk.If its possible i wanna share account with someone use gold premium if Not just trust me coz i never hack one people in my life.I like XPPPPppppp coz level 80 for the win, i like PKPKPKPKPK and farm iteamm. Im on 20 hour per day So if you interest about Me add me msn please

[email protected] Help me Pls

Now I cant play VteC coz i Get hacked so Do yhour best Guys if you need a good guys for Help yuo Xp to go level 80 just add me msn thanks to all