I dont really care what server, and I dont really care what nation it is, as I just want to kill people and have a good time :-D

Yeah, I used to play myko and now thats closing -> and I prefer KO pvp more than WoW, so I'm gonna try to buy a couple chars here to pvp with.
I want a lvl 73+ warrior and priest, with items preferred.

I'll be paying via paypal, so leave a reply here with a list of items you have and screenshot if possible.

If its a good account, I also have my WoW account I can trade since I've pretty much done it all in wow and its getting boring.

My wow chars:
70 Priest
70 Warlock
52 Druid
51 Rogue

Also I have another account that has a ton of chars lvl 36 and under (it expires in October of 07)