I can add premium for more/better items on Xig!</span>

Looking for items of (close) equivalent value, or IGC in Xig.
My msn is [email protected]


Mirage Dagger +3 Rebirth
Cleaver +8
Amulet of Dexterity +0
Kekuri Ring +1
Kekuri Ring +1
Rogue Chitin Set +7/12 Dexterity
Level 60 Pet (Dragon Tooth Soldier, hasn&#39;t used 3rd scroll)

Level 30 Pet (Kekoon)
20+ Armor Enchant Scrolls
20+ Weapon Enchant Scrolls
20 +300 AC Scrolls
53 Teleport to Friend Scrolls
2x Quest Earrings
Quest Belt
Items in <span style="color:#FF0000">red
are sealed. (I HAVE SEAL PASSWORD).